Exploration & Colonization

Reasons for Exploration & Early Colonization

Physical & Human Geography of the Colonial Regions

Economics of the Colonial Regions

Representative Government & Its Growth

American Revolution

Causes of the Revolution

Revolutionary War



The Articles of Confederation & Constitutional Convention

Government & Citizenship

Ratification Debate

Bill of Rights

Early Republic

President Washington

President Adams

President Jefferson

President Madison

President Monroe

Judicial Power

Age of Jackson

Jacksonian Democracy

Conflicts & Compromise

Removal & Resettlement of the Cherokee Indians

Westward Expansion

Roots / Causes of Manifest Destiny

Factors Contributing to Settlement

Conflicts Arising from Westward Expansion


Factors of Industrialization

Free Enterprise & Innovation

Effects of Industrialization

Reform & Culture

Causes of Reform Movements

Reform Movements

American Culture

Civil War

Expansion of Slavery


States' Rights

The Civil War


Events of Reconstruction

Problems & Impacts

Spiral Standards

Historical Points of Reference Spiral Standards

Political Spiral Standards

Economic Spiral Standards

Geographic Spiral Standards

Social Spiral Standards

STAAR Review

Released STAAR Tests

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