Lesson 1.5 Religion

Lesson Goals

  • SS.8.23A Identify selected racial, ethnic, and religious groups that settled in the United States and explain their reasons for immigration

    SS.8.25B Describe religious motivation for immigration and influence on social movements, including the impact of the first and second Great Awakenings.

ISTE Standards

  • 3c Students curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods to create collections of artifacts that demonstrate meaningful connections or conclusions.


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  1. What is a revival? Can you describe what it would have been like to attend one?

  2. Define and explain these terms: revival, evangelism, denomination 

  3. What was the impact of the First Great Awakening?

Unit 1  Lesson 5  Step 1

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Read: Segments from ushistory.org/us

Prepare!: After completing the activities in this step you should have taken some notes. Review your notes and practice discussing the Step Questions with a partner or group so that you are ready for the graded discussion with me. Click on the rubric below to see how Step Question Discussions are graded.

Rubric: Step Question Discussion Rubric


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